You a media office or media officer?

IF you are a media office or media officer – in the main, handling enquiries from the media – can provide several services, mostly for free.

Among our pay-for services, you can also upload media releases.

For free, is here to help keep you in the ‘media loop’, via its Noon Briefing, our weekday round-up of media stories we believe to be relevant to the Scots media community.

There are also regular features – mainly personality-led Q&As – but others about kit, apps, podcasts, etc. Plus, there are regular op eds, to get us thinking.

They are all backed up by twitter alerts, including

Our twitter feed, nonstopstories, links to the steady stream of media releases posted on the front page of the site by third parties, such as charities and SMEs. It is backed up more dedicated feeds: charitieseducationenergyfashionfilmfoodgardenslegalmotorsmusicoutdoorspropertysciencesports, and travel. Plus, drinkfestivals and visual arts.

There’s another twitter alert, allmediajobs, linking to our jobs board, again found on the front page.

There are two ways to post your story. There is a credits-based system; you buy and post. There is also our comms packages, where there is more a sense of communications community: a mix of posting credits and skills development, online seminars, exclusive PR advice and get-togethers.

Our comms packages start at just £12.99 per month. For more details, click here.

Our credits-only packages start at £20+VAT for one credit, £80+VAT for ten, etc. For more details, click here.

Meanwhile, our media jobs posting service, meanwhile, allows you to recruit for just £120+VAT per vacancy (bulk prices available). For more details, click here.

Finally, our media directory, is where to find and be found. Our basic media directory package is free, on signing up for free. But there are also ‘better’ and ‘best’ alternatives, each for a modest fee. For more details, click here.