Tips and tricks

Some free training, on how to craft the perfect media release

A MEDIA release is a bid for attention. And since we are all busy people, it is necessary for media releases to be immediately arresting; at the risk of being ignored. In blunt terms, it comes down to the first few words. Fail to engage at that point and, chances are, you fail to engage, at all. So, here’s a suggested formula, if you like, with the reasons why, following… It is: target audience + some sort of verb (should be, are to be, could be, etc) + the story as it applies to the target audience (perhaps an anticipated Read more

Our media mailing list – tick just the once

WE begin by pointing out what we believe to be an improvement to the instructions when posting your release on the site – and thanks to Kelly at Voluntary Arts Scotland for her input. When you say Yes to the invite to forward your release on – say to local newspapers, radio stations and websites – you are presented with a list of boxes, to tick or not, as you see fit. For Aberdeenshire, say, it’s quite a long list. And there, you’ll find The Press and Journal. In fact, you’ll see The Press and Journal appearing in several geographies, Read more