About Us

This is what allmediascotland.com can do for you…

allmediascotland.com is for journalists, broadcasters, communication professionals and media students. And everyone else involved with, or interested in, the media.

It is also for proactive organisations that wish to connect with the media, including with story ideas (aka media releases).

We provide a media release publishing service

Used by PR agencies, blue chip companies, charities, local authorities and sports bodies, among others – our media release publishing service means great story ideas for journalists and great promotional opportunities for anyone seeking to connect with the media.

We provide direct alerts of story ideas

Media releases placed on allmediascotland can be forwarded directly to other media outlets (initially, by region; soon, by specialist subject), plus to anyone who has specifically asked to be alerted.

We provide a jobs board and a media directory

Search Google for ‘media jobs Scotland’ and allmediascotland comes out at No.1. Our free-to-search jobs board is used regularly by the likes of DC Thomson and the country’s top PR companies. It is Scotland’s dedicated media jobs destination. Meanwhile, our media directory, also free-to-search, is where to find and be found: media talent plus services and products the media might purchase.

We provide training

Our most developed suite of training materials is about how to identify what makes a great story and how best to write it as a media release. We also provide training in other aspects of the media, including how to handle a media interview.

We offer great reads

Among our various feature sections…

A little about us

allmediascotland.com was founded in 2003. This is its third re-design.

Editorially, it is independent and positive, committed to producing accurate, fair and informative content that celebrates the Scottish media industries, while recognising the positive role of constructive criticism.

We will seek to employ the highest professional and ethical standard during the production of our own content, including with regard to copyright and defamation legislation as it applies in Scotland.

We will seek to give credit where credit is due when it comes to stories and quotes sourced from elsewhere; recognising that, to do otherwise, risks breaking our bond of trust with readers.

We will endeavour to check facts contained within our own content to be true before publication, or identify that they are understood to be true, but may not be.

We will seek to make, in our own content, a clear distinction between fact and opinion.

We are not in the business of gratuitously seeking to jeopardise people’s jobs or ‘kicking a person when they are down’.

We will seek to correct, as speedily as possible, any inaccuracies in our own content, if necessary with new editorial to ensure readers are made as fully aware as possible that a correction has been made. Readers are encouraged to alert the site to inform it of possible inaccuracy.

www.allmediascotland.com is wholly owned by allmediascotland.com ltd, a private company limited by shares, registered in Scotland, company number SC237125.