Posting a media release on allmediascotland

SINCE its founding, over ten years ago, has provided organisations the opportunity to connect with the media, by way of posting their media releases on the site, as story ideas for journalists.

It’s a pay-for service.

As a means to promote, for instance, a new product, a media release on benefits from being published on a site that attracts regular daily readership – not least journalists.

Then there is the high SEO ranking enjoyed by (so your release will be found by the general public as well as by the media).

Plus the facility for media releases to be forwarded to our mailing list (including on an embargoed basis) that includes the contact details of local newspapers, radio stations, websites, national media outlets, etc.

And of course there is a twitter back-up: newsdipper.

Plus even more dedicated twitter back-ups, involving certain types of release: charitieseducationenergyfashionfilmfoodgardens, and legal. Plus motorsmusicoutdoorspropertysciencesports, drink, theatre and travel. And not forgetting festivals and visual arts.

And we have city-wide twitter feeds too: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, InvernessPerth and Stirling.

Also, at least one media release is showcased in our weekday eNewsletter.

But allmediascotland is about more than just delivery (appearing on the site, high SEO, forwarding, etc). It is also about quality, so that your media release can stand out from the competition. Hence, whichever posting subscription is purchased, there is complimentary training on what makes a story and how best to craft it as a media release.

For instance, media release posting subscribers have exclusive access to our Academy content.

To purchase posting credits requires firstly signing up to the site.

On purchasing, a subscriber can upload their release at any time, with any date and time for it to go ‘live’ on the site. But before it goes live, will first proof it. That moderation process (or second pair of eyes*) takes places between 0930-1630, Monday-Friday.

Our ‘credits’ packages begin at £20+VAT for a single release, with our prices dropping sharply so that, for example, it’s £100+VAT for ten posting credits. For more details, click here.

* The ‘second pair of eyes’ is mainly to check for spelling and ‘house style’. But it is also to confirm the release is self-promotion; allmediascotland is unable to approve, for publication, claims made about third parties.