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Mixing desk (the 30th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Broadcast news for Scotland project, Lorraine Kelly, etc

A ‘BROADCAST news for Scotland’ project launched just a few days ago has raised almost £33,000 (at the time of writing), comfortably passing its £10,000 initial target. The project had turned to online crowdfunding for support …

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Media kit

Media Kit: ipDTL

WRITES freelance broadcaster, Stuart Clarkson, midway through a blog (here) penned by him for the website, "Other similar products are available and I don't benefit financially by

Media movers - Feature

Media Movers: Alan Jenkins, Jane Hamilton, etc

WELCOME to Media Movers, reporting the latest moves within the Scottish media, including promotions and retirements. AND, firstly, congratulations to Alan Jenkins, who has moved from STV North, based

Journalist working at keyboard (the 26th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: John MacKay, indyref sales surge reported by Scotsman, etc

BEGAN the STV website, yesterday: "It has been 20 years to the day since the steady voice of John MacKay first beamed into homes across Scotland. "Barely a few

Made Here - Feature

Made Here: 100 Years of The Sunday Post

SAYS the BBC, 'A Century of Scottish Sundays - 100 Years of The Sunday Post' seeks to tell the story of a newspaper first published to "bring news

Dictaphone (the 25th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Sunday Herald tweets of sales boost, defamation laws, etc

THE Sunday Herald newspaper has tweeted that its estimated sale on Sunday - the first weekend following the indyref vote, during which the newspaper urged Yes - was

TV gallery (the 24th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: .scot domain name, BBC local radio gender gap target ‘on course’, etc

WIDELY reported: a big take-up of the .scot domain name. Begins, for instance, STV (here): "More than 4,000 dot scot domain names were registered by members of the public


Movies about the Media: Frost/Nixon

ANOTHER towering character performance by Michael Sheen. The actor - who was a triumph as legendary football manager, Brian Clough, in The Damned United - this time plays

Shutterstock (the 23rd of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Harry Reid, Document Scotland, etc

THE Herald writer, Harry Reid, has announced that he has penned his last column for the paper. Reid, a former editor of The Herald, begins today: "This is my

Definition of Media (the 22nd of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Fire outside Herald, iScot crowdfunding appeal, etc

A STAND-off (reported here) between rival factions in the indyref debate in the centre of Glasgow on Friday night had the Sunday Herald tweeting: "To clarify ... There

Made Here - Feature

Made Here: Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands

GRAND Tours of the Scottish Islands returns to our TV screens for its second series - this evening on BBC One Scotland, at 1930 - with presenter, Paul

WWW icon (the 19th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: The indyref and Scots media, radio festival, etc

SCOTLAND'S daily newspapers worked well into the early hours to produce the most up-to-date editions, reporting the country's decision to vote No to the country seeking to become independent. For


In My Opinion: Maurice Smith: What of the media, post-indyref?

WHAT are we, as journalists, to make of the coverage of the Scottish referendum campaign? Even casual observers in Scotland will have noticed that the campaign has been running

CMYK (the 18th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Today’s front page headlines, social media and #indyref, etc

A REFERENDUM wrap-around - headed 'Choose well Scotland' - is among the offerings today for readers of the main daily newspapers available in Scotland. The wrap-around, accompanying the Daily


Media Broth: It’s your decision, innit?

IT was a particularly enjoyable edition of BBC news programme, Reporting Scotland, last Wednesday and the BBC Scotland political editor, Brian Taylor, was absolutely correct in commending the

Colour pencils (the 16th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Herald backing No, but…, NUJ concerned about intimidation of indyref journalists, etc

THE Herald newspaper has come out in favour of a No vote in Thursday's indyref vote, but on condition of Scotland being given more autonomy, as is now

Newspapers (the 15th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: The Sunday Post urges a No vote, the BBC and RBS, etc

THE Sunday Post newspaper has urged a No vote in Thursday's indyref vote. Said the paper (here) yesterday: "The Sunday Post is as Scottish as haggis and Maw Broon’s

Camera Gantry (the 12th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Strike threat at BBC lifted, world’s media descend on Scotland, etc

A THREAT of strike action by members of the National Union of Journalists at the BBC has been lifted. Says the NUJ website, here: "Strike action threatened at the

PrintersColourChart (the 11th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: The Scotsman urges No vote, radio station bans Scots music, etc

THE Scotsman newspaper has declared its verdict on the upcoming referendum on Scots independence: it is opting for No, saying 'we are better together'. The newspaper's bold front page

My Top Ten - Feature

My Top Ten: Alastair Tibbitt, senior journalist, STV

MY Top Ten invites media practitioners to identify their top ten websites, apps, software tools and gadgets, etc, and here it is the turn of Alastair Tibbitt, a senior

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