Posting a job ad on allmediascotland

IF you are looking to recruit a media practitioner, our jobs board is increasingly becoming the recruitment tool of choice for several organisations, who know ours is a niche audience interested in media jobs and only media jobs.

By taking out a job ad on, you’d be joining illustrious names such as DC Thomson and The BIG Partnership.

It’s a pay-for service, with it costing just £120+VAT to post a single vacancy – with no limit on how long it can stay up.

Accompany your job ad with a sufficiently-sized logo and there’s a very good chance your ad will then appear in the ‘content slider’ at the top of the site.

As it is, your ad will enjoy editorial support, as a news story; in other words, there will be showcased in not one but two twitter feeds: allmedianews and allmediajobs.

And it will feature in our daily eNewsletter.

To purchase a job ad credit (or bulk credits, at a lower average price) requires firstly signing up to the site.

On purchasing, a vacancy can be uploaded at any time, with any date and time for it to go ‘live’ on the site. But before it goes live, will first proof it.

That moderation process (or second pair of eyes) takes places between 0930-1630, Monday-Friday.

For more details, click here.