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FOR journalists, provides several services, mostly for free.

For instance, our regular features – mainly personality-led Q&As – but others about kit, apps, podcasts, etc.

Plus, there are regular op eds, to get us thinking.

They are all backed up by twitter alerts, including

There’s another twitter alert, allmediajobs, linking to our media jobs board, found on the front page.

And there’s, linking to the steady stream of media releases posted on the front page of the site by third parties, such as charities and SMEs, and providing journalists with story ideas.

On signing up, journalists can elect to receive, for free, the weekday eNewsletter. Plus enter basic details into our media directory – for free (there are pay-for alternatives: better and best).

Backing up our media releases distribution service are various dedicated twitter feeds comprising story ideas from the following sectors: charitieseducationenergyfashionfilmfood, theatre and gardens.

Also legalmotorsmusicoutdoorspropertysciencesports, drink and travel. Plus financefestivals and visual arts.

We also operate several geography-related twitter feeds: allAberdeenPRallDundeePRallEdinburghPRallGlasgowPR and allInvernessPR.

Plus allPerthPR and allStirlingPR.