How it works

IF you have successfully signed up with the site (ie clicked the verification email automatically sent to you on signing up) then every time you log in, you will be taken directly to your profile.

There, you will be presented with various purchasing options.

The media job options are as follows:

* The facility to upload a single jobs advert, aka a ‘Silver’ subscription.

* The facility to post ten different jobs adverts during the 12-month duration of a ‘Gold’ subscription.

Choose one of the options and purchase using your credit card and our secure, WorldPay online payment service.

As soon as your payment has been successfully received (confirmed by email to you and us, by WorldPay), your profile will then look different…

For instance, you will be told how many posting credits you have available.

As for posting process (via the dropdown item – Post a media job advert – on the Media Jobs tab on the main menu bar), it involves completing a template (headline, contact details, when you want the advert to run from and until when, etc)

On completing the template and then hitting the submit button, you will be then met with a message saying there will be now a delay, as your advert is moderated, ahead of publication.

Don’t try to re-upload, otherwise you will be asked to pay again (if you have no credits remaining) or unnecessarily use up a spare credit.

When moderation has taken place and your advert has been approved for publication, by a site administrator, you will be then sent a ‘success’ email.

And from the moment you have uploaded your very first media job advert on to the site, your profile will look different again, as it begins to reflect the archive of adverts you have posted.

The several reasons to post a media job? Check this out: here.