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If it is guaranteed audience you are seeking to advertise to, this is what allmediascotland.com can do for you…

We can offer you the chance to be associated with compelling features

Our must-read daily features include a celebration of some of the country’s best-known media practitioners and the work they do. You can be part of it.

You can support our must-read columns

Every Friday, there will be a new column on allmediascotland; in other words, editorial that will get people talking. And you can be part of that too.

You can promote yourself on our daily enewsletter

With the new look, we are in the processs of tidying our mailing list, so it’s not possible to say exactly how many or who will be receiving our daily enewsletter. Except that the numbers will run into thousands and it will be essentially a Who’s Who of the Scottish media. We’ll come back to asap with exact numbers.

A little more about the features we have on offer…

Whatever it is you do, you’re sure to find a perfect fit among out varied features list:

* ‘Made Here’ tells the behind-the-scenes story of a Scots production, mainly in TV and radio;

* ‘My Media’ asks a senior figure within ‘civic Scotland’ to reveal their media habits;

*  ‘Media Clinic’ is our Q&A skills and professional development service;

* ‘My Media Day’ invites a media practitioner to reflect on their typical working day;

* ‘My Top Ten’ asks a media practitioner to pick out their favourite websites, apps and gadgets;

* ‘Media Movers’ lists who is taking up what new jobs;

* ‘Media in Figures’ captures, in numbers, the key media trends; and

* ‘My Big Break’ invites a media practitioner to look back on a key turning point in their career.

We are delighted to offer you these sponsorship prices

Five banner advert slots: £100+VAT.

Ten: £150+VAT.

Please do email us here, to discuss your sponsorship needs.

Please note: All columns and features will be promoted via our allmedianews twitter account, which has currently in excess of 8,500 followers. Banner ads will appear whenever clients require them, even if it means an item of editorial (or issue of the enewsletter) occasionally being accompanied by more than one advert.