Festivals boost for Scottish film just ‘fantastic’

TWO film festivals devoted to ‘fantastic film’ such as science fiction and horror have invited a Scots-made feature-length movie to be on their programme.

GamerZ is described by its makers as a comedy, about an “an engaging love triangle with a strong twist of fantasy”, featuring a central character, Ralph, who eschews his former life of downtrodden nerd for becoming the head at his university fantasy games society – until a rival appears on the scene, who is as interested as Ralph is in the good-looking girl member of the society.

The movie is the first to be produced by Edinburgh-based Pure Magic Films, run by writer/director, Robbie Fraser, and producer/cinematographer, Paul Gavin.

Filmed on High Definition and mastered on 35mm, the film has secured the services of a sales agent – Rosana Coutinho of Jinga Films, in London – to pursue theatrical and DVD distribution. It premiered the World Science Fiction Convention held in Glasgow last year.

In the meantime, it is to appear at FantasticFest in Austin, Texas, in September and the prestigious Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, taking place in Sweden over ten days, also in September.