Top ten BBC Scotland salaries exceed one million pounds mark

THE top ten salaries paid at BBC Scotland exceed one million pounds, according to an exclusive story in today’s Herald newspaper.

Says arts correspondent, Phil Miller, BBC Scotland head, Ken MacQuarrie, is the top earner, following a Freedom of Information request.

Continues the report: “The second-highest earner in Scotland is Donalda MacKinnon, the head of BBC Scotland’s programmes and services.”

In a statement, the BBC is quoted, saying: “These senior managers are directly responsible for both large sums of public money and a large amount of output produced across all parts of the BBC.

“Salaries are determined by taking into account factors such as the pay of other internal staff and the salaries for roles of similar size and scope in other organisations. In January this year, we froze pay and bonuses for all BBC executives and senior managers until at least August 2010.”