Glasgow ‘full’, but other parts of Scotland ‘still open’ for community radio stations

BROADCASTING regulators, Ofcom, are inviting applications to run community radio stations throughout the UK, except that as far as the FM frequency is concerned, the ‘full up’ sign exists in a variety of places, including Glasgow.

This is the third time during the last six years that Ofcom has issued the invitation, with community radio stations requiring to be non profit-making and to demonstrate a commitment to the local people via the likes of radio broadcasting training.

While it is considered that Glasgow is currently being fully served by FM frequency community radio stations – such as Sunny Govan Radio – it is understood that other parts of Scotland, including Edinburgh, have yet to reach saturation.

Glasgow-based Celtic Music broadcasts on the AM frequency and there could be room for other AM frequency stations in the city.

20 licences have been awarded in Scotland, with 18 still on air (see which, here). The licences for Jubilee (South Queensferry) and Ness FM (Inverness) have been returned, because of funding difficulties.

Expressions of interest are being sought by June 1.

A total of 221 community radio station licences have been awarded so far, in the UK.

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