Prospects brighten for Gaelic language soap opera

THE first step has been taken in what could end up being a soap opera on the Gaelic language TV channel, BBC ALBA, with the announcement of a feasibility study on what would be required to create such a long-running continuing drama.

The Gaelic Media Service – a partner in BBC ALBA – has commissioned a recently-founded independent TV production company that includes a former senior producer at STV, Eric Coulter, to carry out the study.

SurefireTV is a new independent drama production company based in Glasgow, founded by BAFTA-winning Coulter (executive producer The Cops, Taggart, Rebus, High Times, Cracked, River City) and Roger Dubar (formerly legal counsel for TWI, BBC, GMTV and Channel 5).

Says SurefireTV: “BBC ALBA currently concentrates on documentaries, music and sports programming, and plans to widen its appeal and build a sustainable base of Gaelic-speaking television writers, actors and crew through long-term investment in a returning rural-based drama series.”

Added Coulter: “We’re delighted to be working with MG ALBA on this project. A long-running Gaelic-language drama series would provide a wonderful pool of creative talent to help television production in Scotland prosper.”