Station falls silent as transmitter reportedly goes missing

ACCORDING to reports, a radio a station is now without a transmitter, said to have been stolen half-way during a show.

Lanarkshire station, L107, was forced off air at the end of last week, because – said The Sun and the Daily Record at the weekend – its £50,000 transmitter was nicked from its roof.

Both the Daily Record and The Scottish Sun claim the story as an exclusive.

Boss, John Prendergast, is quoted, in the Sun piece by Robert McAulay, saying: “They took the transmitter when we were broadcasting – it’s all on CCTV.”

Meanwhile, Keith Mcleod, in the Daily Record, quotes Prendergast saying: “It would be like something out of the Keystone Kops, if it was not so serious.

“What we know is that two men got into the office building saying they were from L107 and gained access to the room where the transmitter was.”

Mcleod writes that Mike Smith’s Log In To Lunch show was being broadcast when the airwaves fell silent.