Scots Teen Drama Due Online Transmission from Next Month

A 20-part teen drama to be transmitted online rather than on TV screens, and made by the Scottish division of one the UK’s most renowned independent TV production companies, is to begin on the website of a major UK-based broadcaster.

Glasgow-based Shed Media Scotland has secured the support of MTV Networks UK & Ireland, which has agreed to broadcast Being Victor via its website from the start of next month.

Shed’s Scottish arm was commissioned last summer by CTVC – a not-for-profit religious, educational and ethics production company – to make the series, which comprises episodes of between five and minutes' duration.

Behind the Scots drama lies an intensive social media campaign – including a blog written from the perspective of one of the show’s characters – aimed at attracting and engaging audiences prior to the programme’s launch on the seventh of next month.

And Kat Hebden, digital development producer at Shed Media Scotland, reckons the partnership with MTV will ensure the series is a success.

Says Hebden: “Being Victor is a phenomenally exciting and ambitious project that treads new ground for drama online.

“It’s so much more than just an entertainment programme as the flexibility and interactivity of the digital platforms enable us to build layers of interest around the series.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with MTV UK to deliver the show. The network is truly engaged with the youth market and is the perfect brand fit for this project.”

Adds Dan Patton, director of digital media at MTV Networks UK & Ireland: “Viewing habits are evolving. Our audiences watch TV online and on mobile devices on the go, therefore we want to provide them with dedicated and ground-breaking content for these platforms.

“The elements that make ‘Being Victor’ special are intrinsic to the fact that it is born online and will grow online to become whatever fans want to make it.”