Report Sets Target to Dramatically Grow Scotland's Broadcasting Sector

A sudden, dramatic increase in turnover and employment in the Scottish television industry has been targeted by a report authored by almost all the key figures in the sector.

Says a document published this evening by the Scotland’s Television Broadcast and Production Working Group, annual turnover has been set to increase over the next three years from £215 million to £346 million. Also within the group's sights over the same timescale is an increase in employment, from 2910 to 4676.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, the group “recommends collaborative working to achieve significant growth, generating more jobs, wealth, investment, exports and competitiveness, as well as raising the profile of Scotland’s national identity – its stories and its talent – to audiences at home and internationally”.

While Creative Scotland was behind the publication of this report, a second one – a Feasibility Study of Television and Film Production Space in Scotland – is due to be published towards the end of September by Scottish Enterprise.

The group was set up 18 months ago. Its members were Hamish Barbour, IWC Media; Nancy Braid, D-I Brown and Bruce Malcolm, BBC Scotland; Donald Campbell, MG Alba; Alan Clements and Paul Sheehan, STV; Stuart Cosgrove, Channel 4; Peter Gallagher, Association of Film and TV Practitioners in Scotland; Eileen Gallagher and Margaret Scott, Shed Productions; David Hartley and George Falconer, Scottish Enterprise; Ken Hay, Creative Scotland; Katie Lander, Finestripe Productions; Amanda Millen, Highlands & Islands Enterprise; Carole Sheridan (formerly Scottish Screen, now Singer Films); David Smith, Matchlight; and Richard Wilkins, Scottish Government. 

Plus David Strachan, managing director of Tern Television, who was the chair's group and who said: “There are a lot of facts and figures to digest but underneath them all are exciting opportunities. If we work together, the prizes ahead are significant.”

Added Andrew Dixon, chief executive of Creative Scotland: “The report demonstrates the commitment made by all sides to align ambitions and actions – the broadcasters, the indies and the public sector. It also marks a step change in how Creative Scotland will work with the broadcast and production sector in the future. The challenge to all of us is to step up to the mark and see the goals in the report achieved.”

The reports will be published online on both the Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise websites from 10am tomorrow.