Sky Chief Speech in Edinburgh Unlikely to Include Response to BBC Criticism, says Report

The Scotsman today carries a feature on BSkyB chief executive, Jeremy Darroch, currently in Scotland, and grappling with a series of challenges – from technological development in broadcasting to the possibility of a takeover, and on-going battles with the regulators.

Darroch is north of the border today on one of his regular tours of operations and he is scheduled to speak tonight at the Premier Dinner Series hosted by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, where, according to Kristy Dorsey’s interview in The Scotsman, “he plans to extol the role of business in creating some economic impetus through lingering financial austerity”.

Darroch is quoted, as saying: “We have done well and are continuing to do well because we have retained a very single-minded focus on our customers.”

But, says Dorsey, Darroch isn't expected to respond to BBC director general, Mark Thompson's MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival last weekend. Among other things, Thompson criticised Sky for its programme-making budget which he said was relatively tiny.

She continues: “[Darroch's] Edinburgh engagement has been a long-standing date in the diary, and the company insists Darroch will steer clear of any showdown with the BBC's boss.”