Radio Station Owners say Still to Receive Lawyer's Letter over Des McLean Departure

A media company said to be at the centre of a legal wrangle say they are still to receive a lawyer's letter.

According to a report – billed as 'exclusive' – on page 17 of today's Daily Record, comic, Des McLean, is said to have instructed a lawyer to sue Radio Clyde over his sudden departure last month from the station's breakfast slot.

But a spokesperson for Radio Clyde owners, Bauer Media, told allmediascotland: “We are very surprised at this news, especially as we have received no correspondence from his lawyer. If we do, it will be dealt with appropriately.”

In the Daily Record piece, McLean is quoted as saying: “After it all happened at Clyde, I was in shock for a few days and not really taking it all in. But I soon realised how unfair it had all been and have started the ball rolling. My lawyers are taking care of it all now.”

The Breakfast Show reshuffle saw current co-host, George Bowie, joined by afternoon host, Suzie McGuire.

allmediascotland reported the reshuffle just over a fortnight ago, at which time there was no indication of what was to follow. it copied a statement from Bauer, which read: “Des McLean and Adele Cunningham [also a co-host] have been great assets to the show and we will be utilising their talents elsewhere within the Bauer stable.”