Nod's as Good as a Wink?

As the ongoing story of the possible sale of football club, Rangers, continues apace, one of the many twists and turns has seen the club issue a statement to the stock market, refuting a BBC report that it could go bust were it to lose a tax battle with HM Revenue & Customs.

Reports The Herald, on Saturday, the statement was issued following a claim by BBC Radio Scotland's Chick Young that, during a media briefing the day before, Rangers chair, Alastair Johnston, had nodded his head to a question about the subject.

However, it is understood that Rangers did not request the BBC to pull the story and a BBC Scotland spokesperson was quoted saying it stood by it.

Meanwhile, in The Scotsman, also on Saturday, columnist, Glen Gibbons, was expressing his bewilderment that, somehow, it is Rangers' bankers who seem to be responsible for the club's financial predicament.

He writes: “This bewildering sense of culpability appears in most cases to be the result of another media overload. Too many writers and broadcasters seem to have been emphasising the bankers' imposition of economic constraints on the club (this action is almost invariably linked to the 'appalling' circumstances under which manager Walter Smith and his lieutenants are forced to work) as opposed to the perfectly legitimate practice of licensed money lenders taking steps to protect their interests by recovering their dues.”