Ofcom Reappointment for Schlesinger

Well-known Scots media commentator, Professor Philip Schlesinger, has been re-appointed as chair of the advisory committee to the Scotland division of broadcasting regulators, Ofcom.

The Glasgow University Professor in Cultural Policy was previously Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of Stirling and founding director of the Stirling Media Research Institute.

Meanwhile, the broadcasting watchdog has also appointed Scot, Iseabail MacTaggart, to its Content Board, which, says Ofcom, “is the committee of the main Ofcom board with delegated responsibility for TV and radio content issues, including setting and enforcing quality and standards”.

Says an Ofcom statement: “A fluent Gaelic speaker, Iseabail was a solicitor before moving to BBC Radio 5 as an assistant editor. She is now on the Highlands and Islands Enterprise Board and has been a Board member of MG Alba and the BBC Audience Council for Scotland.”

MacTaggart is one of four appointments to the Content Board.