The Scheme Debate Being Screened Tonight

A debate is being screened tonight about the controversial observational documentary, The Scheme.

The BBC Scotland fly-on-the-wall programme – which follows the fortunes of several residents living in the Onthank and Knockinlaw areas of Kilmarnock – has provoked various reactions, including the accusation it is 'poverty porn'

And the Scheme Debate, being hosted later tonight by Glenn Campbell, is set to focus on many of the issues raised by the series, including the economic and social difficulties faced by similar schemes across the country.

According to a story on the BBC Scotland website, many of the locals are understood to be unhappy about the depiction of their area. BBC Scotland's Huw Williams found the majority of people he interviewed said they did not like the characters featured, while others felt there were “too many junkies”.

Others complained that the programme “showed all the worst of people”.

Despite their reservations, though, many admitted to watching the show.

One resident, Caroline, is quoted, saying: “Everybody wants to watch it. It's a talking point. You've got to see what's getting said, and what's happening, and stuff.

“I watched it out of nosiness, I suppose. But a lot of the good people, my neighbours, that love Onthank are annoyed about it.”

The Scheme Debate can be seen tonight on BBC One Scoland at 10.35pm.