Future of Broadcasting in Europe Subject of Edinburgh Debate

Speakers from around Europe are to converge on Edinburgh next month to debate the future of broadcasting across the continent.

The event – taking place throughout Friday, October 7 – is being hosted by the Voice of the Listener and Viewer in partnership with the European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations.

Among the speakers is a handful of well-known Scots, including Neil Blain, Ian Small, Alan Stewart, Donald Campbell and Bobby Hain.

The line-up includes:

Ms. Monica Aubel, the European Commission

Dr Ignasi Guardans, Director of Public Affairs, European Broadcasting Union

Harvey Thomas, president of the Fellowship of European Broadcasters

Professor Rosario Cecaro, Sassari University, Sardinia

Carmen Fuente Cobo, vice chair, ICmedia, Spain

Paolo Celot, secretary-general, European Association for Viewer Interests

Manfred Kops, director, Institute for Broadcasting Economics, Cologne

Mary Berkhout, programme manager, Mediwijzer, the Netherlands

Maria Rita Munizzi, president, Movimento Italiani Genirori

Jarle Haugland, CEO, Familie & Medier, Norway

Lars Peter Melchiorsen, chair, Listeners and Viewers Forum, Denmark

Ciáran Murray, Ireland Secretary for Community Media Forum Europe.

Tickets for 'Serving the Citizen: Broadcasting Accountability in an Online Europe’ are available by calling 01474 338711 or emailing linda.forbes@vlv.org.uk

Price: Students (excluding lunch) £6; academics (including lunch) £20.