Up to 150 BBC Scotland Staff Could Lose their Jobs in

Redundancies for up to 150 staff at BBC Scotland have been forecast by Scotland on Sunday.

Reports Stephen McGinty, the paper claims the redundancies are on the cards as BBC Scotland is asked to slash £16 million from its budget.

Among the cost-saving measures, says McGinty, could be scrapping overnight broadcasting on BBC Radio Scotland and cutbacks to factual programmes, sport and entertainment.

Writes McGinty: “The corporation is currently finalising plans UK-wide to reduce programme budgets by up to 20 per cent in an attempt to drive down its £2.4 billion annual costs. Although BBC Scotland is expected to escape relatively lightly within the BBC's UK structure, sources have warned that some redundancies and programme cutbacks are inevitable.

“The BBC Trust, chaired by Lord Patten, will meet at Pacific Quay, the headquarters of BBC Scotland in Glasgow, this week to discuss the results of the spending review, Putting Quality First, ordered earlier this year to examine how the deep cuts might be made across the national broadcaster.”

Adds McGinty, the official announcement of the BBC's plans will be released by the Trust on October 6 – followed by a period of public consultation.

And he quotes 'a senior source close to the BBC' as saying: “BBC Scotland is going to be quite well protected under PQF. The big question will be – if there a choice between independence or devolution max [in the SNP's independence referendum], broadcasting, or a big chunk of broadcasting, will be devolved, and so the last thing the BBC wants to do is pick a fight with Scotland right now.”