Local TV forum expected to debate potential for cross-media collaboration

HOW local newspapers, community radio stations and emerging local TV providers might work together is expected to be among the topics being discussed at a forum featuring, among others, the managing director of an online TV station serving the town of Helensburgh.

Brian Keating, MD of URTV, is speaking at the event on the fifth of next month, taking place in Perth, and being organised by the Scotland-based Institute of Local Television.

The event kicks off with a keynote address by Marilyn Hyndman of Belfast TV channel, NvTv.

A number of scene-setting short speeches include ‘Community radio and local TV: finding common purpose’, by Phil Shepherd, of the Community Media Association, and ‘Tips on supplying a common community radio and local TV news’, by Graeme Campbell, of Channel Fife.

The other speakers are:Nic Millington, Rural Media Forum; Bruce Patterson, Heartland FM and Perth FM; Ali Murray, AM Marketing; David Byers, Scottish Enterprise; Julie Craik, Tay Screen; Paul Kelbie, Flag Media; and Jo de Silva, URTV.

Says Dave Rushton, director of the Institute of Local Television: “Government consultations over the Summer confirmed the widespread demand for an independent local TV service throughout Scotland, demonstrating a commitment from producers, the public and politicians for independent news and editorial services from beyond Glasgow.

“This forum will outline these latest responses to the UK Government for local TV serving rural and urban communities in Scotland.

“The forum brings practitioners, weekly press and community radio together to consider new cross media news and advertising platforms for local services. These will run on the Freeview channels proposed by the UK Government as well as on faster broadband and smart phones.

“Scotland’s response has been for a universal local TV service because Scotland has surplus broadcast capacity able to deliver local TV to all households on Freeview.

In the forum we will continue to develop cooperation between the weekly press, community radio and local TV supporting licence proposals to be made from Scotland in the New Year.”

For more information, email local.tv@virgin.net