McIvor protests: I’m not delicate type

THE BBC Scotland journalist, Jamie McIvor, has told The Scottish Sun newspaper that he is “not a delicate type at all”, following an impression of him on the Hogmanay comedy show, Only An Excuse?

The show, broadcast on the BBC, has McIvor calling for help from BBC Scotland news presenter, ‘Aunty Jackie’ Bird.

In a two-page spread that tells of his early days as a newspaper journalist and finding himself reporting from New York – where he had happened to be on holiday – during the attack on the Twin Towers, he is quoted, telling Matt Bendoris: “I was raised in a council house. I have a very thick skin – I’m not the precious, delicate type at all.”

McIvor – BBC Scotland’s local government correspondent – also talks of a live broadcast during the Hogmanay of 2006 – when he found himself battling against storm conditions.