It’s Mair for MacKay

JOHN MacKay has worked with some very talented fellow newsreaders and when asked by Matt Bendoris, in The Scottish Sun, who is ‘the daddy of all anchormen’, he responds, without a pause.

STV’s MacKay was the subject of a two-page spread in yesterday’s edition of The Scottish Sun, insodoing paying homage to the movie, The Legend of Ron Burgandy, denying rumours he dyes his hair and “thinking ‘Aw naw'” during a recent ‘bonking’ on a TV screen in the background of a live interview during Scotland Tonight. Plus how his smooth-talking was once considered not good enough for an (unnamed) radio station.

And ‘the daddy’? “Eddie Mair,” he is quoted, as saying. “And not just because he’s a fellow Scot. I used to work with him at BBC Scotland before he went to Radio 4 and he is by far the best broadcaster in the business.

“He’s innovative, sharp and very witty. There’s no-one who can match him.”