Norman Shannon obituary published in The Herald

AN obituary to broadcaster and ‘media studies pioneer’ appears in The Herald today, following his death at the age of 75.

Writes former colleague from STV, Russell Galbraith: “Starting in the press office at Scottish Television (where he also met his future wife, Yvonne, nee Beveridge) he was in the right place at the right time as the programme department expanded.

“His broadcasting career began with an extended period of service on the popular nightly news programme Here and Now, presented by Bill Tennant. After a few years, in search of a change, he switched his allegiance to religion and schools.”

Later, Galbraith writes: “[Shannon] was also long-sighted enough to visualise a time when the [TV] industry would be required to introduce different methods of training. It was this belief that took him to Jordanhill College of Education.

“Starting in 1969 he helped introduce a number of courses aimed at training teachers in television production. At the very least, with Mr Shannon providing advice and guidance based on wide practical experience, Jordanhill helped pioneer the wide variety of media studies courses which exist today.”