Macwhirter predicts Scotland to have its own TV channel

SCOTLAND will have its own national TV channel, irrespective of how the country votes in the upcoming referendum, in two years’ time, on whether it should become independent – according to the Sunday Herald columnist, Iain Macwhirter.

Writes Macwhirter today, in a column entirely devoted to the BBC and a proposal by First Minister, Alex Salmond, to break it up to allow for a Scottish public service broadcaster: “Irrespective of how Scotland votes in the 2014 referendum, I predict two things: within a decade, there will be a Scottish channel; and broadcasting will be a responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. There will be a burst of creative activity in Scotland as Scottish writers and producers discover they no longer have to go to London to get on.

“And just to keep them on their toes, there will be nothing to prevent Scottish viewers voting with their remotes and continuing to watch BBC programmes on iPlayer and other digital outlets. On the box, if not elsewhere, it really is possible to have the best of both worlds.”