STV series hoping to encourage more Scots to take up sport

A TV series aiming to encourage more Scots take up sport is being broadcast from Friday on STV.

Six-part series Coached Off The Couch has enlisted the help of some of Scotland’s best-known sports stars such as Judo player, Graham Randall (pictured), and Olympic gold medal swimmer, David Wilkie. The series is being presented by Kelly Cates.

Also involved are Liz McColgan (athletics), Catriona Matthew (golf), Mark Beaumont (cycling), Scott Hastings (rugby), Alex Arthur (boxing) and Gary Innes (shinty). The programmes follow the fortunes of various families.

Among the sports and activities featured over this six-part series are swimming, mountain biking, geo-cashing, road cycling, field archery, salsa dancing, track running, surfing, karate, judo, rugby, roller derby, hill walking, rock climbing, golf, figure skating and football.

The shows are being broadcast from 8pm.

In a STV media statement, Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels at STV, is quoted, as saying: “Coached Off The Couch is a programme that gives our viewers an insight into how they can be more active and have fun whilst getting fit. We hope the combination of a successful Olympics, the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, and our inspiring sporting mentors will provide the incentive for our viewers to get off the couch and deliver a real sporting legacy for the future.”

The series is being sponsored by Healthier Scotland in association with the Daily Record. It has been made by STV Productions.

Today, the Daily Record carried a two-page spread, teeing up the show.