Screen facilities consortium wins cash and in-kind prize for its collaborative approach

A LOOSE collaboration of TV and film facilities providers in Scotland has been awarded £5,000 in cash and £5,000 of in-kind support, in recognition of their efforts to promote themselves more effectively to the broadcast, film and commercials industries.

Screen Facilities Scotland is in the process of constituting itself, formally. But already, for instance, during the Edinburgh International Television Festival last year, it produced five short trailers promoting the services of its member companies which were used to tee up each of the main sessions of the festival.

The organisation includes among its currently informal membership camera hire, editing, post-production, casting, action vehicle hire, special effects, prop hire, studio space, music and sound production services.

Its £10,000 part-cash, part in-kind support prize was awarded by Co-operative Development Scotland, a subsidiary of Scottish Enterprise, to help companies grow, using a streamlined business model for co-operative working.

Joanna Dewar Gibb – who runs the Scottish branch of special effects studio, Artem Ltd, and who spear-headed the successful entry for SFS, told “It is true, there is strength in numbers. With CDS’ support, the Scottish facilities companies that form SFS can pull together to respond in various ways to different scenarios whilst respecting each individual business involved.”

Dewar Gibb (pictured) continued: “It is time for the many fully-equipped and skilled companies that make up the infrastructure in Scotland to be more widely recognised and supported in their growth ambitions and SFS can help us do this.”

Pic: Colin Hattersley