Radio sale approved but only if Real Radio Scotland or Capital FM Scotland is sold

THE purchase last year of one radio group by another has been approved by the competition authorities, but only on condition that several stations are sold, including either Real Radio Scotland or Capital FM Scotland.

Says the Competition Commission today, it approves the purchase of GMG Radio by Global Radio, but conditionally.

Capital is part of the Global group already and Real is part of Real and Smooth Ltd, formerly GMG.

And says the Competition Commission, the acquisition must involve the following sales:

East Midlands: Smooth OR Capital

Cardiff and South Wales: Real OR Capital

North Wales: Real OR Heart

Greater Manchester and the North-West: Capital OR Real XS with either Real or Smooth

North-East: Real OR Smooth OR Capital

South and West Yorkshire: Real OR Capital

Central Scotland: Real OR Capital.

The reason? A statement issued by the Competition Commission says: “In its final report published today, the CC has concluded that the merger is likely to lead to higher prices for advertising in seven areas of the UK.”