Media Broth: Hands up, for more

TECHNICAL problems at the BBC. While the BBC was yesterday producing its usual live broadcasting pyrotechnics at the Open golf championship at Muirfield, in East Lothian (imagine mixing all these different players around all these different parts of the course), it was less happy news more locally, with BBC Scotland presenter, Sally Magnusson, clearly not a happy bunny.

Yesterday’s BBC Scotland lunchtime bulletin included – reports The Herald’s report of events – “a failed link to a report from the Open at Muirfeild, a pre-recorded report which did not want to start, and, it appeared, a failure of the autocue”.

And today’s front page of the paper shows an exasperated Magnusson, her hands thrown up in the air. As does The Scotsman, with a large pic on its front page.

Take a look, here.

* * *

MORE golf. The Scots golfer, Carly Booth, is among the latest sports stars to be part of a nude photoshoot for the sports media giant, ESPN.

And in the Daily Record, Euan McLean, writes: “Carly’s pictures – which were of course, examined purely in the interests of diligent journalistic research – show her absolutely starkers on a driving range hitting balls. Insert your own punchline here.”

* * *

STICKING with the Record, Tuesday’s edition marked the upcoming return of The Sooty Show to our TV screens by asking various folk: Which children’s TV would you bring back?

And among the media folk featured, Stephen Jardine said Magpie, while Vic Galloway opted for Mr Benn.


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