That Was the Year That Was (2013): David Torrance, freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster

GOOD year, bad year? As 2013 draws to a close, we ask David Torrance, freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster: ‘How has it been for you?’.

Briefly, what is it that you do?

A bit of everything. I do occasional work in the Press Gallery at the House of Commons, I’m a regular columnist for The Herald, I write books, do quite a bit of TV and radio punditry, and also a bit of academic work at the University of Dundee.

Choose three words that sum up 2013 (so far), from a professional point of view.

Busy, satisfying and stimulating.

In 2012, what was your biggest professional ambition for 2013, and to what extent did you achieve it?

My ambition was to become one of the ‘go to’ people on the Scottish independence referendum, and I reckon I’ve achieved that to a reasonable degree.

How has 2013 (so far) been for you, personally?

A bit up and down. Being busy is good, but when it pushes out non-work activities it can become exhausting and a little stressful.

Any changes this year in technology, legislation, the economy, etc that have had a relatively significant impact on the business?

Not really, although the internet and social media continues to play a more prominent role. From the vantage point of a Lobby journalist in London and a columnist/freelancer in Edinburgh, the continued decline of the newspaper industry – which is in part due to changes in technology – has been quite depressing.

What looking forward to, in 2014 – personally and professionally?

Obviously the independence referendum in September 2014, which will ensure that next year is even busier than 2013. Personally, I’m looking forward to moving back to Edinburgh for at least four months (I’ve been based in London since late 2011).