Here’s a Tip for You: Check out hostwriter, if looking for local knowledge, abroad

ITS website describes itself as still in ‘beta’ form, yet the number of partners it has acquired already numbers over a dozen. And it’s not difficult to imagine why it might have garnered so much support, so quickly.

hostwriter is the brainchild of three journalists in Germany and its aim is to allow journalists around the world to help each other with intelligence, local knowledge, etc.

Each of the founders are quoted, giving a flavour of what the service could achieve:

“Share a contact, collaborate for research or offer a place to stay; itʻs your choice.” Sandra Zistl

“hostwriter puts you on the ground and in contact with real people who share your passion.” Tabea Grzeszyk

“Journalists have always been helping each other; our vision is to institutionalize this idea.” Tamara Anthony