Media Student Spotlight: Melissa Fernie, Edinburgh Napier University

MELISSA Fernie is just completing a course at Edinburgh Napier University.

She answers the questions, here…

What course are you studying?

I’ve almost completed my MA in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University.

What inspired you to choose this course ahead of all the others on offer?

I knew a few people who were doing the undergraduate course and a few who had already completed the postgraduate course and everyone raved about how amazing it was, so it seemed to be the obvious choice.

At what stage are you at?

My dissertation is all that stands between myself and graduation.

What have you most enjoyed about the course so far?

I’ve enjoyed being able to sample different forms of journalism like radio and TV and learning how to write for each specific medium. I think it’s given me a good grasp of journalism as a whole and has allowed me to explore what areas interest me the most and also which specific areas I am good at.

What lies ahead and how are you preparing yourself for it?

Hopefully a job in fashion journalism in London. I’m trying to gain as much writing experience in my chosen field as possible and literally applying for as many internships/jobs in fashion journalism as possible, which so far is proving effective! I’m just trying not to let any opportunity pass me by.

Are you currently using any of your new-found skills in actual media work?

I was interviewing an Olympic athlete the other week (my first interview!) which was daunting but I used a lot of the skills we had been taught in semester one and it went really well. I’ve been writing a lot of different types of articles for online magazines recently so I’ve needed to use the good old ‘inverted pyramid’ a few times!

What next, after you have no doubt successfully completed your course?

A job would be great.

Any single piece of media studies advice you want to share?

It was said numerous times during the course: networking and your contacts are everything. It’s only when you’re really out there, getting stuck into the media world, that you realise how much you and everyone around you relies on contacts. It’s so important, especially when you’re just starting out like I am.