My Media Day: Simon Pauley, presenter and producer, Insight Radio

SIMON Pauley is a presenter and producer at Insight Radio, RNIB’s Glasgow-based radio station which provides information, news, public service updates and entertaining content for blind and visually-impaired people across the UK.

He submitted this on Thursday, July 3.

What exactly is it that you do?

Many people ask that!

 I am a broadcast producer with RNIB’s Insight Radio, which is a national 
radio station dedicated to blind and partially-sighted people.

I present a live, three-hour radio show – Monday to Friday, 10am until 1pm – 
called the Morning Mix, and also produce audio for the show, alongside my 
partner on the show, Stephen Carroll, also a broadcast producer.

Morning Mix comprises content and music aimed at informing and entertaining our listeners. That includes new research on sight loss, consumer advice, health advice, DIY, gardening, etc, etc. The features are for everybody, but with bits of information and tips and suggestions for our target audience.

Hopefully, we get across to people that life doesn’t end with sight loss. We have a lot of fun.

What did your working day today or yesterday comprise?

Yesterday began, as usual, with show prep. In other words, sorting out audio clips for our showbiz gossip, reporting of the World Cup, sport in general and the weather.

During the show, I played out a movie review which I had pre-recorded with blind American movie critic, Jay Forry, exclusive in the UK to Insight Radio, and also an interview with two people about unusual holiday breaks in the UK, which was fun.

After the show at 1pm, I prepared some music and information ready to record a music review – of Ed Sheeran’s new album, Multiply, and Coldplay’s’ new single, A Sky Full of Secrets – with blind music producer, Dan Droid.

But that wasn’t all. I worked with journalist, Paul Bryce, who is also blind, on a selection of bizarre news stories from around the world, for a regular slot called Bizarre News.

And I also started work on my weekend programme, which is a mix of music and highlights from the previous week.

How different or similar is your average working day to when you started?

When I started at Insight Radio, ten years ago as a volunteer, I had had no previous radio experience, and so I was learning bits and pieces as I was going along. My day now is much more intense, including conducting interviews, live on air, and preparing several pieces of information for our listeners.

I’ve always felt like a new boy in the radio industry, and I think this helps me to never become complacent in my presenting and production; always seeking ways in which I can do a better and more effective job.

I feel like very lucky and humbled to be able to do the job that I do, and a great responsibility to do the best I can.

How do you see your job evolving?

I love my job, and I find the future quite exciting. I have no idea how things will develop, but hopefully I will be fortunate enough to continue to be challenged, both in presenting and also in learning more about technical side of radio.

What gives you the most job satisfaction?

I get great satisfaction when I receive feedback to say that something we’ve covered on the show has really informed, helped or comforted someone… or even if I’ve managed to make someone smile.

The Insight Radio team are all hard-working and fun to work with. The thing I like is that we all help each other if needed, and that is very refreshing.