Media Broth: Feast yourselves

AS the polls indicate a surge in support for Scots independence, supporters of the Yes campaign will have obviously taken some delight that the only regional newspaper in Scotland (it says the UK) to enjoy a recent increase in sales is the Sunday Herald.

As reported here, on allmediascotland, the newspaper circulations audit body, ABC, found that the Glasgow-based title enjoyed an average print circulation for the six months up to the end of June of 25,125.

In other words, a 5.1 per cent increase on the average six months leading up to the end of December last year and an one per cent increase on the average six months leading up to the end of June last year.

Could it be because, in May, the paper came out in support of a Yes vote? As noted here.

And what does it say about other newspapers? Increasingly out of touch with the popular mood?

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TRANSFER deadline day in men’s football is, for many, synonymous with Scots broadcaster, Jim White, fronting Sky Sports’ coverage of the ins and outs.

And with fame comes satirical cartoons, as seen here.

And with live broadcasts come attempts to gatecrash, as seen here.

View, with caution…

For an adult audience…

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STAYING with sport and it’s a case of a warm welcome back – to sports writers, Bryan Cooney and Jim Black, plus their several well-kent associates.

As their website says, they have “just emerged from a summer of lawyers’ letters and potential litigation” over what name to operate under.

But, they seem determined: “Not only do we have a new domain name, we have a new concept. From here on in, our revamped site will focus exclusively on sport and its myriad issues. And, as ever, these issues will be tackled boldly and unequivocally by our bloggers – Jim Black, Andy Ritchie, Ben Palmer and Bryan Cooney.”

Cooney told “In addition to our blogs, we’ve added a couple of new features: Going Retro caters for nostalgia, while Meet the Parents is an in-depth look at the sports stars’ childhoods. Also, Craig Brown has delivered an incredibly frank retrospective.”

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