Media Kit: ipDTL

WRITES freelance broadcaster, Stuart Clarkson, midway through a blog (here) penned by him for the website, “Other similar products are available and I don’t benefit financially by writing this – I just wanted to share with you my experience of a great product that really works, and is affordable whether you’re a big commercial group or a small community radio station.”

Clarkson is a former editor of radiotoday and he is writing about ipDTL, which allows for an interview to sound as if it is taking place in a studio when, in actual fact, the interviewee is somewhere else, such as their home.

Radio folk will know of broadcast-quality ISDN lines, for ‘down-the-line’ interviews, but ipDTL is being promoted as a low-cost alternative. All that is required is a decent microphone, a solid internet connection and access to the internet browser, Google Chrome. Plus a subscription to ipDTL (which it says, on its website, is available in a cut-down version for free).

So, the choices are these: a regular contributor – with a microphone, computer and log-in details – can operate the system on their own or the radio station can send out one of their own people to visit the contributor, armed with all the necessary kit.

The service has been developed to also allow for ‘down-the-line’ TV interviews.

Watch this video promotion, posted on YouTube in October 2013: