Made Here: How Scotland Works, BBC Two Scotland

SAYS BBC Scotland: “How Scotland Works is a new, three-part documentary series taking a fresh look at the country in the 21st century, from new thinking on our working lives, to Scotland’s international ‘brand’ standing and the growing and diverse population.”

Episode one is being broadcast this evening, at 2100, on BBC Two Scotland.

The series has been made by Mentorn Scotland.

Here, series producer, Andrew Abbott, answers the questions…

Who commissioned the programme?

Craig Hunter for BBC Scotland.

Explain the thinking behind the programme’s ‘look and feel’.

We wanted to capture contemporary Scotland and put across facts and information – but avoid it feeling like a lecture.

So, we went for an intimate, observational style that hopefully makes viewers feel they’re getting to know a wide range of people and places across the country.

Who are the key personnel? How were they recruited?

The series was exec produced by Iain Scollay for Mentorn Scotland, series produced by Andrew Abbott and story produced by Katie Tallon.

Shooting directors were David Rea and Juliette Murray-Topham.

Editors were Alistair Auld, Chris Pitbladdo and Benjie Bateman.

Most of these key personnel had worked together before – so, as is often the case, familiarity and trust were key to recruitment.

What kit and software?

The series was largely shot on a Sony PMW200. It was cut on Avid Media Composer.

What were the main production challenges?

Covering the entire country in three programmes! And dealing with over 40 different and geographically-widespread contributors and organisations, from schools and hospitals to a cruise ship and Gleneagles Hotel.

What did you most learn and enjoy from the experience?

I learned a huge amount about my home country – and I hope viewers will feel they do too.

Eating a scallop cooked with Scottish seaweed by Michelin-starred chef, Andrew Fairlie, might have been the most enjoyable.

We filmed it first!