Advertising Blog Raising Funds for Hospice by Inviting Readers to Guess the Millionth View

Advertising consultant, Mark Gorman, is using his blog to raise funds for a local hospice, with the invitation to readers being to pay £10 to guess when the one millionth view will take place.

The game is aiming to raise funds for St Columba's Hospice and the site has thus far attracted 964,767 views – as at 2pm yesterday – and is attracting an average 786 views per day.

He writes: “So the deal is this. Go to the link and pledge £10 to guess when the magic millionth reader will arrive and the closest to the time and day will win £100 and a bottle of champagne – put up by me and not taken out of the proceeds.”

At 786 views per day, the millionth view would be around the 21st of next month.

Repeat pledges are allowed.