Blog authorship claim rebutted as case of mistaken identity

A BRAND manager at Dundee-based newspaper publishers, DC Thomson, is claiming he is the victim of a case of mistaken identity.

It is understood that John-Paul Murphy – head of brand marketing, consumer entertainment, at the publishers – was reading a blog about the financial situation affecting Rangers Football Club while travelling to work by rail this morning.

Before he knew it, it was being written about on a Rangers fans’ forum that he was the blog’s auhor.

Claimed the fan, identified as ‘Mr Struth': “Travelling to work this morning and had a view of his iPhone. He was receiving email notifications on his phone about responses to his blog”

Murphy was immediately tweeting, rebutting the claim: “So apparently I’m @rangerstaxcase! What lovely folks. Invasion of privacy? Definitely. Laughable conclusion? Absolutely.”

It is believed he has since received both abusive tweets and a couple of aggressive telephone calls.

He also tweeted: “And now a lovely mystery voicemail message from a Rangers media poster on my work land-line. ‘Mr Struth’ perhaps? Coward.”

It is unclear how ‘Mr Struth’ recognised Murphy.

It is further believed that Murphy has contacted the moderators of the forum to remove the posting.