The People’s Friend has website revamped

THE ‘famous story magazine’, The People’s Friend, has had its website revamped.

Says its publisher, DC Thomson: “The People’s Friend website is brighter, fresher, and contains more content to encourage greater reader interaction.”

And in a DC Thomson media release, editor, Angela Gilchrist, is quoted, as saying: “The People’s Friend, launched in 1869, is the oldest women’s weekly magazine in the UK, and it’s now been brought right up to date with a brand-new website that’s eye-catching, clear and easy to use. The ‘Friend’ is read and enjoyed by people across the world, and our new website will allow us to interact with all our readers in exciting new ways.

“For the first time, we also have a Facebook presence, meaning everyone has the opportunity to become a friend of the ‘Friend’.”

Adds DC Thomson, The People’s Friend has a weekly average readership of over 507,000.