Glasgow conference aims to share advice on best use of online media

HOW to make best use of online media is to be the subject of a conference being hosted by the Scottish division of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations – the first near day-long event, it is understood, to be organised by the CIPR Scotland since the 1980s.

Says CIPR Scotland, the conference is “designed to give business leaders and comms professionals the tools to realise their online potential”.

It is being held on January 30 at the Glasgow Science Centre, with speakers including Andrew Smith, director, Escherman; Dr Jim Hamill, Energise 2-0; Ian Dommett, marketing director for Yes Scotland and James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners, Microsoft Ltd.

In a CIPR Scotland media release, chair, Laura Sutherland, is quoted, as saying: “The conference has been designed for a wide audience, ensuring that the PR community is engaging with the business community.

“Business leaders need to be aware of online tools and tactics and we feel that this type of conference is the way to engage with them, by bringing a wealth of knowledge and talent from around the UK to speak.

“One thing that businesses could do better is use the data and insights that they have available. Real time data monitoring is really valuable and as Twitter recently discussed, humans listening and following conversations with the use of hashtags, for example, is essential for targeted messaging,

“PR has moved on in the last ten years and we need to shake off the perception that we churn out press releases all day. Communicating with target audiences is part of a business strategy, it’s integrated and we cannot emphasise enough, how powerful online engagement is, for any business or organisation.”

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