Blogging venture to promote Scotland reportedly reaches 80 million people

AN explosion of interest in Scotland from an estimated 80 million users of social media sites around the world is reported to have taken place after a group of international travel bloggers came to Edinburgh for its Hogmanay celebrations.

Reports Brian Ferguson in The Scotsman today, the £50,000 ‘Blogmanay’ – funded by, among others, the tourism agency, VisitScotland – saw several well-known travel bloggers invited to spend up to 12 days in Scotland over the festive period.

Adds Ferguson: “Pictures, tweets and blogs generated over a two-week period, which saw the group take in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations then head off on tours of the Highlands, is said to have now reached more than 80 million people around the world.

“Almost four million people are said to have been posting, or sharing material, since the campaign – instigated by the organisers of the capital’s celebrations and an Edinburgh-based tour company – got under way with little fanfare.”

Ferguson adds: “More than 9,000 tweets were generated over the course of the four-week campaign, which also included 70 separate blog posts and 1,300 pictures posted on ­Instagram.”