Lisa-Nicole Mitchell: It’s been a busy week, with our magazine deadline looming

GOOD God, this has been a busy week. It has been full of exasperated sighs and endless thanks for the ‘infinite knowledge’ of Google.

The magazine is beginning to take its toll on everyone, with only a few short weeks to go before distribution starts.

The final touches are proving to be the most difficult part and, as always, there has been some major, and minor, disasters, such as AWOL writers, unanswered emails, difficult Press officers unwilling to give up information and other trivialities that are becoming increasingly stressing.

With another two modules that require equal attention, it is a hard task to be in a million different places at once.

I am currently sitting at a computer with 17 different windows open. Seventeen! I feel like I need six arms and three brains.

Funnily enough, the music of Disturbed, the heavy metal band, seems to calm my thoughts and helps me focus.

I am, however, quite excited about the final assessments. The website for Digital Platforms is beginning to take shape, including the separate Facebook and Twitter pages I have created for it.

I have called it Alternative Glasgow and it is basically a multimedia guide to Glasgow’s ‘hidden gems’, reviews and ratings on the best places to go if you are a tourist, or local, looking for something different than the usual sightseeing.

I have taken dozens of videos on my Flipcam and many more photographs to make the site really come to life.

I have read up on so much research about making websites that I think my eyes are going to fall out. Be prepared… I am taking the Scout’s approach for this module.

For Creative writing, I am to write a 2,500-word piece about someone I know and make it read like fiction.

I can’t wait to write this one.

I am writing it on my dad.

His life is probably one of the most exciting I can think of, although he downplays it, massively.

It will start with him as a young man during the 1970’s and the fortune and glory of being a motorbike racer.

It will be an awesome piece.

That is if he lets me interview him, which will need more than a little coaxing.

Lisa-Nicole Mitchell is a third-year BA in Journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University.