Media Release: The importance of taking annual leave and how it can help to reduce workplace absenteeism


Peninsula Scotland, managing director and HR expert, Alan Price, stresses the importance of both employees and employers taking their entitled annual leave…

IT would appear that taking a holiday is no longer about escaping from the grind of your daily routine; but instead involves balancing your time enjoying the sun with keeping on top of your workloads.

For employers, your employees are entitled to annual leave by law and should be encouraged to take time off; this will clearly be important in preventing workplace stress.

It can be difficult for both employers and employees to detach themselves from their working life.

Many employees find themselves unable to fully relax on holiday as they are worried about falling behind on deadlines and prefer to stay ahead of their heavy workloads.

This can result in employees returning to work feeling more stressed than when they left – something all employers need to monitor.

As employers, we should be encouraging our staff to utilise their annual leave to take respite, to restore their energy levels and relax their mind, so they return to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Also, stressed employees are more likely to take time off work, which can be over long periods of time.

Employees should remember that work will not fall apart without them.

The key to enjoying their holiday without work worries is good preparation. If employees plan ahead with tasks that need to be completed and delegate them appropriately, everything should run smoothly and efficiently whilst they are away.

Employers should monitor work levels and work with employees to delegate and forward plan.

Employers should encourage staff to enjoy their annual leave and not stress about work-related issues.

Not only will this benefit employees who will return to work replenished, but employers will see a positive difference in levels of productivity and creativity.

It is also important that employers themselves take some well deserved time off, everyone has been busy working hard so you very much enjoy a well deserved break.

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