Media Release: Would school vouchers improve education?


THE general public in England is being asked to vote on whether they approve of school vouchers as a possible way of driving up education standards.

The vote is being organised by Vote England, a politically-neutral organisation for real-time debate and voting.

Begins a spokesperson: “Education vouchers work in the following manner. First of all, they are means-tested, to provide a level playing field. Less-affluent parents would qualify for 100 per cent value vouchers, decreasing to zero per cent for those on incomes above a certain level.

“The vouchers can be used for either the state or private sector with parents able to top them up if they wish to access a school with additional facilities.

“Rather than a block grant, schools would be paid for the amount of pupils they educate.”

The spokesperson added: “If a school wished to maintain or increase its funding, it would have to ensure that parents were attracted to it.

“This would instil the need for excellence.

“It would also help to close what we believe to be an unacceptably large gap between different state schools as well as a notorious gap between state and private education.”

To vote, visit


Notes to editors:

2. This is a politically neutral service allowing everyone on the
Electoral Roll to vote securely.
3. Registered users can propose a subject for a future poll
4. Voting platform is protected by electronic checks and barriers to
ensure that people can only vote once.
5. The results are published on conclusion of the vote and can be
analysed according to location, age and gender.
6. Part of the Charter Campaign for a Free Parliament

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