Media release: Third China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum hailed a success


THE 3rd China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum was held in Manchester, UK on 27-28 March 2023.

The forum was initiated by the China-Europe E-Commerce Logistics Club (CEELC), organised by FEINIAO INTL and NEW CHINA CLUB, and sponsored by JD Logistics.

Gordon Ritchie – of GRM, based in Glasgow – as a guest of James Wang, attended the event, saying: “This event was truly inspiring to hear the data on the growth of luxury goods.

“The Gen Z market is forecasted to be the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2025, to be valued at over $119bn and 40 per cent of global luxury consumers will be Chinese by 2023.”

Added Ritchie: “We will be looking to introduce Chinese and Scottish companies in the luxury market during 2023.”

With the theme, ‘Post-Pandemic Cross-border eCommerce & Logistics: ESG, Innovation and Collaboration’, this forum invited more than 500 outstanding participants from the UK, Europe, China, and the US including Chinese and European government agencies, eCommerce platforms, multinational logistics enterprises, international freight groups, customs clearance agents, local fulfilment centres and other related supply chain companies to discuss the sustainable development model and innovative strategies for the China-Europe cross-border eCommerce industry.

The forum brought together leading companies in China and Europe, including JD Logistics, The Very Group, Yodel, Fruugo, EVRI, Geely Auto, CaoCao Europe, Ailux Group, The Niche, LEVC, HAINAN AIRLINES UK, COSCO Shipping (UK), FEINIAO INTL, 4PX EXPRESS UK, J&T International Logistics, Good Cang, and many others.

The forum analysed the multiple challenges faced by companies in globalisation, localisation, logistics and environmental protection, technology upgrade, compliance and regulation and cyber security, and sought new way of growth for high-quality and sustainable development through sharing global supply chain cooperation, improving localisation, active investment and financing, and using innovative technology to inject new impetus into the comprehensive cooperation between Chinese and European and global cross-border eCommerce enterprises.

At the forum, Mr. Jin Xu, President of the China International Trade Association and Mr. Jiang Xiaoping,  director of the Beijing Re-code Trade Security and Facilitation Research Centre (Re-code), made important speeches and congratulated the 3rd China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum. Mr. Liang Guoyong, a well-known economist and UNCTAD official, participated in the forum online from the UN headquarters in Geneva!

Mr. Wang Jian, founder and chair of the CEELC, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the forum.

He mentioned that the ‘China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum” was created in December 2020, when the epidemic was serious, and the organisation of the forum was also intended to find new opportunities and solutions for enterprises.

Mr. Qian Kainan, president of JD International Logistics, introduced the background of JD Logistics overseas, and also showed us the convenience provided by Chinese companies for local enterprises when they go global (co-exist and prosper together). CEOs and executives of the UK logistics service providers YODEL and EVRI also participated in the forum and gave insightful speeches.

Myles Barclay, the youngest generation of the Barclays family, also shared his entrepreneurial projects for the Chinese market and his collaboration with JD Logistics.

Donna Ludford, Lord of Mayor, Manchester Councillor, praised the efforts made by CEELC and JD Logistics in hosting this cross-border eCommerce forum.

She said that the forum not only provided a platform for all guests to exchange ideas and share experiences, but also provided more opportunities for Manchester to position itself as a cross-border eCommerce hub.

She thanked CEELC and JD Logistics for their contribution to Manchester and the entire cross-border eCommerce industry.

Lord Mayor Donna Ludford and founder and chair, Wang Jian, jointly presented awards to outstanding China-Europe cross-border eCommerce enterprises, recognising their positive and optimistic business spirit during the challenging period, and continuously exploring and utilising new opportunities through innovation and cooperation.

At the same time, it emphasises that the success of these companies demonstrates the contribution of the cross-border eCommerce industry to promoting economic development and creating employment opportunities. Their success is not only reflected in their business achievements, but also in their social responsibility and sustainable development.

There were also many exciting panel discussions in the forum. On the first day of the conference, guests enthusiastically participated in discussions on technology innovation and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues.

JD Logistics and local logistics service provider YODEL and EVRI shared their innovative technology applications in their companies and supply chains, as well as their outlook on future new technologies.

CAOCAO Europe, DELOITTE, GRM MARKETING and TOUYING all gave wonderful corporate perspectives and shared their experiences.

On the second day of the forum, the focus was on localisation, compliance, in-house fleets, open and shared supply chain platforms, gathering industry leaders, benchmarking companies, featured companies, and all companies and friends committed to the development of the China-Europe eCommerce logistics industry to discuss cooperation for mutual benefits and work together to accomplish great things and long-lasting achievements.

The 3rd China-Europe Cross-border E-Commerce Forum is one of the highest standard forums for the cross-border eCommerce industry in China and Europe.

Participants can learn from the experience sharing of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, broaden their industry knowledge, and learn about the latest industry trends and related policy information. It also provides opportunities for the cross-border eCommerce industry to expand top experts and business leaders’ networking and to build a convenient and win-win cooperation platform.

Primary contact:

Gordon Ritchie


Secondary contact:

Taicla Giles


Pictured, left to right: Zhejian Li, James Wang, Myles Barclay, Sara Su, Lucas Rossi

Contact: Gordon Ritchie