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A NEW audiobook of a live performance at the Gaiety Theatre earlier this year has been released.

‘The Sky Falls Out of Rain’ was performed on the 15th of September, starring Linda Lyon and Ian Lorimer Milne.

It is a play about growing old, the profound love that comes with a lifetime of familiarity, and confronting our mortality in a world ravaged by climate change.

Produced by ‘The Grey Hill’, its founder, Barry Robertson, said: “I am pleased that the production is now released to allow a broader audience to listen to the performance from when we recorded it at The Gaiety Theatre in September.

“Being the first production of both live and recorded audio, this is one of many productions to be produced in the future from The Grey Hill. The audiobook is exclusive to both The Gaiety Theatre audiobook store and the Theatre Royal Plus store, accessed via their website.”

‘Until the Sky Runs Out of Rain’ tells the story of an imminent catastrophic flood in Perth, Scotland.

Everyone has been evacuated except for Elsie and Bert, who stubbornly decided to stay put. As the wind howls and the increasingly heavy rain batters the windows outside, they sit on their bed enjoying their “picnic at the end of the world’, made from the entire contents of their freezer.

Reminiscing about happier times in their candlelit sanctuary, they’re oblivious to the rapidly rising water levels downstairs. The next morning, woken by the sun shining through a gap in the curtains, Bert goes to the window to survey the damage. He throws open the curtains, then stands in stunned silence, swaying, as he tries to comprehend the view that greets him.

Award-winning playwright, Neil Bebber, said: “This is a play about growing old, the profound love that comes with a lifetime of familiarity, and confronting our mortality in a world ravaged by climate change. Aside from the environmental message, we live in a time where older people are becoming increasingly invisible while so many other cultures choose to celebrate their life experiences and wisdom. I hope this play sparks a curiosity in the value and integrity of older people and encourages audiences to seek out new life-affirming, cross-generational connections.”

Neil Cargill, director, said: “Creating an audio version of the stage play presented some exciting challenges, reimagining visual elements in a vivid and impactful way – but instead of happening on a vast stage, they take place inside your mind. One thing that audio is brilliant at is fantasy sequences or surreal situations – which form the framework of this play.”

Notes for editors:

The Grey Hill is a theatre production company that creates theatre digitally first. The organisation supports playwrights to create work digitally for audiences, with nine plays produced, including ‘The Price of a fish supper’, by Catherine Czerkawska, and ‘King of Scotland’, by Iain Heggie.

Barry Robertson is the founder of The Grey Hill and resident entrepreneur for Creative Informatics in Edinburgh. He also founded Triple Act Theatre and Arts SCIO and has received various recognitions, including being a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs.

The Gaiety Theatre, Ayr

An enchanting cultural hub in Ayrshire. Since 1902, the Gaiety Theatre has captivated audiences with its mesmerising performances. With its rococo-style interior and exceptional acoustics, the theatre offers an immersive experience for all attendees. As a charity and social enterprise, the Ayr Gaiety Partnership fosters local talent and embraces inclusivity.

Neil Bebber won ‘Script Slam’ at the Sherman Theatre 11 years ago. He received Guardian reviews for his plays, CUL DE SAC (Exeter Bikeshed), and STRAIGHT (Tactile Bosch, Cardiff).

He’s since written for Jermyn Street Theatre, Riverside Studios, Old Vic Tunnels, Almeida Theatre, The Drayton Arms and Bread & Roses, London. As well as National Theatre Wales, Sherman Theatre, The Other Room, and Chapter, Cardiff. He was also a writer-in-residence at Theatr Clwyd in 2015.

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Audiobook: £9.99

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Ayr Gaiety Audiobooks – Audio Books – The Gaiety Theatre Ayr

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