Media Release: Victims and the criminal justice system

VICTIM Support Scotland welcomes the publication of today’s report on the first of a planned series of four joint inspections by the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland into how victims are treated within the criminal justice system in Scotland.

Susan Gallagher, deputy chief executive of Victim Support Scotland, said:

“Victim Support Scotland works daily with dedicated professionals at every level of the criminal justice community across all of Scotland. We are impressed by their commitment to victims and their energetic desire to achieve more.

“We were grateful to be invited to contribute to this inspection and are very encouraged by a report which is thorough and incisive. It contains observations, conclusions and recommendations that we believe to be positive for victims in Scotland.

“We share the conclusion that the three key themes within the 2001 Scottish Strategy for Victims – Practical Support, Emotional Support and Information Provision – remain broadly relevant today, but we agree improvements can be made by the criminal justice community in directly delivering or arranging provision of these.

“We are particularly pleased by the report’s support of our view that victims have a right to be informed each time a significant decision about their case is made.

“We will continue to work tirelessly with ACPOS, COPFS, Scottish Government, other voluntary sector groups and every other element of criminal justice community to advance the cause of victims in Scotland. That agenda is assisted by the contents of this report.”

Briefing note:

Victim Support Scotland, now celebrating its 25th year, is a registered charity which provides help to all victims and witnesses of crime. Last year, VSS dealt with almost 100,000 victim referrals, 70,000 witness referrals and about 1,000 referrals to VOYCE, its youth justice service in Dundee. The charity has a presence in all of Scotland’s local authority regions and has staff and/or volunteers in every Sheriff and High Court in Scotland.

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